Monday, 9 June 2014

Exposure to San Martin de Porres, Lima

A Day of Exposure to San Martin de Porres, Lima

In 1995, the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy from Australia founded the "Catalina McAuley Association, A home for women" in the zones of Cerro Candela, Tres de Mayo, Huandoy and the surroundings located in the districts of San Martin de Porres and Los Olivos in Lima. It is an organization that provides unconditional service to women and children that are in vulnerable situations.
In 2013, they entrusted their work to the Missionary Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus (Hiltrup).

The Medical Centre

Two Childcare Centres in Cerro Candela and Tres de Mayo

The Women's Centres

The small company "TIKA" (united hands) is a fair trade organization, 
which is open to the women of all three centres and
works for the welfare of the population.

Mass at the Parish

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